Timber floor restoration throughout Bundaberg & surrounds


Restoring timber floors and parquetry through sanding, coating and polishing will give your home or office a lift. Scratches and scuff marks can be easily fixed. Your floors may simply need a professional buff to regain their original gloss.

Depending on the extent of the scratches and marks, stripping the coating, sanding and a fresh lacquer may be the only way to repair the damage. We'll assess the condition of your floors or deck and provide you with genuine advice.
Finish It Floor Sanding provide a range of different floor finishes and techniques to complement any style of décor.

Cost estimates can be given over the phone or via email. Simply call us with the measurements and what you require. Lino or carpet removal and disposal can be included in your quote if required.

We also refinish kitchen benchtops, slabs, stairs, balustrades and patios.

For advice and a great price, contact us today.

Floor Searing

This is the technique to achieve the rustic and very trendy burnt wood effect. After stripping and sanding back your floorboards, we use an industrial blow torch to scorch the timber. After applying a hard wax or polyurethane coat, the unique finish comes to life and looks absolutely stunning.


Timber decks can discolour due to weather and ageing. With our sanding and staining services, drab and greying timber boards will be made to look like new. We will strip back the old coating and prep it for several fresh coats of natural stain. You can choose from a wide range of colours. Once we've finished, you'll barely recognise your old decking area.

Floor Finishes

You'll be amazed at the different looks we can achieve, simply from different floor finishes available.

Polyurethane Finishes

The great thing about using a water-based polyurethane is there are virtually no toxic fumes, much safer for your family and pets. Water-based finishes dry faster and the clear finish will bring out the natural colour of the timber.

White Washed Flooring

White floors are making a comeback and are increasingly popular for those wanting to capture the shabby chic look. It is a great way to keep a room looking light and airy, capturing a beachy feel—perfect for coastal homes and offices.

Hard Wax Oil

Hard wax oil provides exceptional durability for internal timber flooring, benchtops and areas with high foot traffic. The finish is water-resistant and won't peel or flake. We always use Fiddes Hard Wax Oil. It comes in four different sheens—matt, silk, satin and gloss—available in 12 tinted colours. It's quick-drying in as little as 4 hours (given the correct conditions) and is fully cured in 7 days.