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Floor — Frequently asked questions about Timber floor restoration in Bundaberg, QLD
Finish It Floor Sanding restores timber floors throughout Bundaberg and the surrounding areas.

Owner and operator, Andrew Owen has mastered the art of enhancing the natural beauty of timber through sanding and a range of finishing techniques you need to see to believe.

After more than 18 years in the flooring industry, Andrew decided to take a leap of faith and go out on his own. This means you get the personalised customer service you won't get from bigger companies. There's nothing lost in translation, because the person who does the quote and site inspection, is the bloke on the tools.
Because the business is Andrew's livelihood, you can be sure he'll put his heart and soul into every project. You'll be thrilled with the final results.
Save yourself the time and hassle of comparing quotes, as Finish It Floor Sanding will provide you with a genuinely fair price.

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Qualifications: Certificate III in Flooring Technology QBCC: 15086710

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you remove carpet or lino?
Yes, we are able to remove and dispose of old carpets, underlay and lino.

How can I tell if my timber floors need a polish or sanding and coating?
We can organise a time to inspect the condition of your timber flooring onsite. Alternatively, you can send us photos via email and we'll give you an honest opinion.

Why should we hire Finish It Floor Sanding rather than doing it ourselves?
Sanding and floor coating can be back-breaking work if you don't have the right equipment for the job. Our industrial sanders make easy work of most timber floors, so there's less mess to clean up. Unless you know the correct techniques for finish applications and polishing, any defects will be highlighted by natural and artificial lighting.

What is floor searing?

Floor searing is a process in which we use an industrial blow torch to lightly scorch the edges of the timber. The end result is a stunning effect which really comes to life after a clear coat of hard wax oil or clear polyurethane.

Do you move furniture?
We do not move the furniture. We recommend hiring professional movers if you are unable to do it.

Will sanding create much dust?
Upon completion of floor sanding there is minimal dust. You'll barely even know that we are there, apart from the noise, so you may want to vacate your house while we are carrying out the sanding process.

Do I need to move out of my house while the floors are being done?
We will do our best to minimise disruption to your daily routine, most of our clients are still able to access their homes, as long as they adhere to our advice. The use of water-based finishes also means there are no toxic fumes.

Should I relocate my pets during the project?

The noise from the sanders may cause unnecessary distress for your pet, also it may be hard to prevent your dog or cat from accessing freshly coated floors. For these reasons, we recommend keeping your pets locked in a quieter part of the house or at a friend's until your flooring project is completed.

What do I need to do to prepare for my floors to be sanded and coated/ or polished?
Please ensure all furniture is removed prior to work commencing. If you are unable to move the furniture, let us know during the initial quote stages and we can organise professional movers to do it for you. To protect your hanging artwork, mirrors and photos we recommend these are removed and stored somewhere for safekeeping. Please ensure there is parking available and we have access to power outlets.